Giger's Evolution Chinoise 1981-1984 (work 562) references Kieth Michell's Alice in Wonderland cover for the Radio Times (27th March and 2nd April 1982)

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13th May 2017, I look through the Radio Times notice an illustrated cover by Kieth Michell for Radio Times (27th March and 2nd April 1982) and realised that Giger referenced it in his Evolution Chinoise 1981-1984 (work 562)

Mad Hatter becomes a biomechanical humanoid with a female torso above his head

Queen of Hears becomes a strange face upon a curcling tentacle with a skull in the centre,

A flad transforms into biomechanic wall mechanisms

Letter A become the tentacles coming from a humanoid head

I in Alice becomes the center of the inverted woman's cranium, and the letterng forms tentacles

Bird feet become anime head

The falling Alice's body bending at the behind becomes a 90 degree angle for which a triangular measurement would be formed

Dormouse becomes a demon with a long tongue

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